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Our Customized ERP Offering
Our Customized ERP Offering:
Finance & Accounts Management
Sales Management
Purchase Management
Inventory Management

Business Intelligence
Our ERP’s business intelligence allows users to share and analyze data that system collects from all the functioning of the enterprise. Auto generated reports by Elephanto provides organizations with the ability to make relatively fast decisions since the system itself has reliable information available.

Artificial Intelligence
Elephanto is customized to learn various critical processes for competitive edge. The data generated in the system can be utilized in business to eliminate error prone tasks and optimize operational processes. It’s automation functionalities can free employees from monotonous and manual interactions with the system.
Business Customization
We customize our ERP as per user’s business methodology, i.e. the way of your business won’t have to adjust as per our ERP. Hence our ERP software creates greater room for your business to grow instead of just managing it.
We listen carefully
and propose the road map to project execution
We focus on needs to deliver
Upon the client's vision we propose the scope of cooperation
We focus on business needs, great user experience
Communication design
User centered design
Business models
We choose technologies suitable for business idea
Android Developer
Varun Khurana
1Backend Developer
Varun Khurana
Tarunpal Jaggi
Burhan Jamnagarwala
What is:
Over years,we have built relationships & churned out quality.These happy faces are of our esteemed clients whom we given complete "BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT" & solutions that were tailored & optimum.With great ethics come happy customers.
A small cross-functional self-organizing team with one long-term mission and short-time goals. They sit together and they have all the skills and tools to take responsibility for the stuff they build - to design, develop, test & release to production.
People who have similar competences like quality assistance, web development, testing etc. They work in other tribes and they meet regularly to discuss expertise and challenges.
We fit cooperation model to a project
Time & Material
Settlement for the worked time by hourly rates on the basis of periodic reports.
Project development within a scope, deadline and price level incl. sharing of risks and bonus.
Target price
Project development within a scope, deadline and price level incl. sharing of risks and bonus.
Every time we choose model of settlement which is most suitable for specifics of the project. Cooperation will be possibly transparent - it's our goal.
We use to perform great:
We use to perform great:
Brands we helped:
Process Cycle

Business Management
Sales Pipeline
Sales Pipeline
Sales Pipeline
Order Processing
Sales Pipeline
Sales Pipeline
Sales Pipeline
Stock Control
Sales Pipeline
Sales Pipeline
Business Intelligence
Sales Pipeline
Sales Pipeline
Sales Pipeline
Sales Pipeline
Sales Pipeline
Sales Pipeline


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